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Doesn’t work properly!

It doesn’t always work properly or crashes! Really disappointed!

Liked it at first…then started using it

Unable to download an attachment or attach anything to a message, it is visually a nice app, easy to use, but needs work on functionality. AND EXTREEEEEEMELY SLOW!!!

Didn’t meet my needs

was looking for menu bar item to assist with outlook mail - didn’t perform functions I needed. apple wouldn’t refund cost. beware about making purchase - no trial run permitted here

Won’t recognize my work email

This app won’t recognize my work email which is the reason i purchased it.

Cannot Sign-in with Company Email

I started a new job and was provided an Outlook email through the company. Bought this app in the hopes that I could cut out the middle-man (in this case, a web browser) but unfortunately that’s not the case. When I attempt to sign-in it claims that the email address does not exist. When using the same credentials through the web browser it works just fine. PURCHASED A NON-FUCNTIONING APP! WASTE OF MONEY!

Don’t Waste Your Money

Was a waste of money and doesn’t work. It was a pain to use especially since it doesn’t work properly. I deleted it right away and wished I hadn’t wasted the $6. I even read the reviews and ignored them. Really.Not.Worth.It.

Good but needs some work

Great Idea and a great app if it was reliable. It works excellent when it works! It’s very sparatic, sometimes it just doesn’t flat work. In defence of this app, the non functionallity could be associated with the worthless good for nothing Microsoft crappy product i.e.. MSN that ALWAYS has major issues. It’s hard to tell.

Doesn’t work

I have two problems with this app. First of all, it just doesn’t work well. Almost anything that I click on gives me the “spinning wheel” and I have to wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to clear. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Secondly, I haven’t been able to add any accounts. In my Outlook iPhone and iPad app adding accounts is a breeze and the app works very well but there is no easy way to add an account to this Mac app. I did find where to add them but the app simply won’t accept them which is funny since they are all hotmail accounts. You would think it could figure out how to add a Microsoft account! So if I cannot access all my Hotmail accounts at once this app is as good as useless to me. And there is still the issue of the spinning wheel. I am disgusted. (I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6)

Nice App But

Nice app. | really like the interface and the overall Iook. However, | keep getting multiple notifications for the same emails. Also, it keeps notifying me of unread messages that | have not Iooked at even if | opened up the alert.

Works Well.

This is how a menu tab should be! - The Outlook App in a one click ghost float. always accessible, fast & easy. A couple minor hicups once and a while dont bother the overall performance. Thanks guys. Keep up the fine work.

Best email hander I have found!

Does exactly what I need to,giving me emails from my gmail,outlook and hotmail accounts and even allowing me to file mail into folder I created for all of my different emails.Its easy to use and has quickly replaced my all other mail apps.The user interface is clean and not overly complex.It uses a user configurable swipe system so for me,since I use my mac to collect and store my email.This is my most-used app.I rely on this app run the communications aspects of my business.I use different email provides for different purposes.With outlook,I can receive emails from there different providers in one places.Overall,its a very good product and nearly on par with the best mail apps out there.

Paid for it and you’re still gonna show me ads? Not good.


Amazing app

The app is visually pleasing and smooth.I log in my account using the app and Its fast and reliable.Its works great for me.I use this app at work so I am able to do a lot of things from this app that comes with the computer.Great job!

Nice App You Pay for Adds to run

Nice app, however had adds and you get to pay to have them. Would not recommend

Fantastic app

By far the best app for email on Mac.Its very fast and the UI intuitive and easy to use.This app makes it easier to separate the useless email.The swipe to delete,move feature makes the app the fastest way to clean out my inbox.I have use Outlook as the primary way to view work email.Really amazing app.

Pay for this app and pay for advertising

Please explain why someone would pay $3 for this app that includes advertising that you can’t get rid of. Don’t buy this folks. Rediculous. Some companies are more concerned with making money than providing quality applications. This is one of them.

Great app

This app is good for me and works well.Since I use it,I couldnt be more pleased.It is easy to navigate through folders and does everything I need it to do.I can include both my personal email accounts.Straightforward and easy to use.Another great update.Love the calendar widget.Simply perfect!Im grateful for this great email hander that works so well on Mac.

Best Email app

Ive been using this email client since it first came out and still loving it.Its continued to evolve and improve since.Some ways Id like to see it improve in upcoming releases are:Better use of force touch-the native apple client wins out in this area.Replicate in this client please More ability to customize the look and feel.This was a saver!I use outlook for work and I needed something that would allow me a better calendar layout,that would keep my work calendar separate from my personal.Otherwise,this one is my favorite email app,thanks and good work.



Absolutely love it!

This mail app is great.I can fast and instant access to Outlook, check my hotmail and live mail directly from my toolbar. Hands down the best email app Ive come across.I love how the conversations are listed out as a conversation instead of having to look through each one.No complaints here.

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