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Doesn’t work

I have two problems with this app. First of all, it just doesn’t work well. Almost anything that I click on gives me the “spinning wheel” and I have to wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to clear. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Secondly, I haven’t been able to add any accounts. In my Outlook iPhone and iPad app adding accounts is a breeze and the app works very well but there is no easy way to add an account to this Mac app. I did find where to add them but the app simply won’t accept them which is funny since they are all hotmail accounts. You would think it could figure out how to add a Microsoft account! So if I cannot access all my Hotmail accounts at once this app is as good as useless to me. And there is still the issue of the spinning wheel. I am disgusted. (I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6)

Good but needs some work

Great Idea and a great app if it was reliable. It works excellent when it works! It’s very sparatic, sometimes it just doesn’t flat work. In defence of this app, the non functionallity could be associated with the worthless good for nothing Microsoft crappy product i.e.. MSN that ALWAYS has major issues. It’s hard to tell.

Don’t Waste Your Money

Was a waste of money and doesn’t work. It was a pain to use especially since it doesn’t work properly. I deleted it right away and wished I hadn’t wasted the $6. I even read the reviews and ignored them. Really.Not.Worth.It.

Cannot Sign-in with Company Email

I started a new job and was provided an Outlook email through the company. Bought this app in the hopes that I could cut out the middle-man (in this case, a web browser) but unfortunately that’s not the case. When I attempt to sign-in it claims that the email address does not exist. When using the same credentials through the web browser it works just fine. PURCHASED A NON-FUCNTIONING APP! WASTE OF MONEY!

Won’t recognize my work email

This app won’t recognize my work email which is the reason i purchased it.

Didn’t meet my needs

was looking for menu bar item to assist with outlook mail - didn’t perform functions I needed. apple wouldn’t refund cost. beware about making purchase - no trial run permitted here

Liked it at first…then started using it

Unable to download an attachment or attach anything to a message, it is visually a nice app, easy to use, but needs work on functionality. AND EXTREEEEEEMELY SLOW!!!

Liked it at first…then started using it

Unable to download an attachment, it is visually a nice app, easy to use, but needs work on functionality.

Do Not Buy

The app quits when I want to view my settings. I thought it would connect to my university account. It has failed to sync with it. Worst purchase. Such a poorly made app. Waste of money. Like other users, I want my money back!

As I expected.

I find that this app is much better than the basic little mail app that comes with the store. I dont have to try and log in to my companies website then try and log in to the email from here. I get my emails right away and really havent had any problems. The ability of this app is prefect. Its a great relief knowing how easy it is to access and respond to my work emails. Its not easy to impress me, but this app has.


I purchased this app so I could work from home on my Macbook and it doesn’t support Exchange. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!

the worst

This is the worst app ever, especially if you have more then one outlook account. I use this for school and I can’t even retrieve my mail, because of being constantly locked out. There is no support link, which should be made readily available. Don’t loose your password or get hacked. Because you’ll get screwed.

Pretty much the same as the $2.99 version

Does not allow me to add additional M$ send and receive accounts. I want my money back

nice app to keep my outlook on my mac

i like this app a lot but one short fall is there is no notifacations ..i always have to open it to see if i have mail

Excellent app

I absolutely love this app.It has simplified my life in many ways.I can operate my business from my mac.It has allowed me to stay in touch with business partners and conduct business as usual.With Outlook,I can quickly and easily see my mail,manage my inbox and handle everything I can using outlook at home.Very pleased so far.

This is what I have been looking for!

This mail app is nice, then I wont use it to mail something trouble. It makes me to work more fast and smoothly. As a workman, you will be in the office of postal mail handing things deep feeling. All kinds of mails you need to check, some of them need you to reply. Its a very tedios and boring. After I use this app, all things have no problems, Its a good choice to done it.

Makes my life more organized!

I love the Outlook app for my Mac.I use outlook for my school.I love that everything important I receive from the school Professors,important school events or holidays and other email.The ease and convenience of having this app on my mac has made the life of this college student a little less chaotic and a little more organized.I would recommend anyone that is a frequent email user and someone that is looking for help with trying to organize and prioritize their life.

Does not support Exchange

Purchased this app with the understanding that it could connect to my corporate email account. No use for it as it is only for Microsoft Email accounts.

Work great and be efficient

I always use this app and it has performed beautifully!It is easy to access my mail whether its the inbox or one of my several sub folders.I liked it so much that I replaced Mail with this one.I have all of my accounts connected and love just how easy it is.Its professional,smooth and simple,five star application.

Absolutely love it!

This mail app is great.I can fast and instant access to Outlook, check my hotmail and live mail directly from my toolbar. Hands down the best email app Ive come across.I love how the conversations are listed out as a conversation instead of having to look through each one.No complaints here.

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